BEIJING — China Satellite Navigation Exhibition will be held in May in Beijing, highlighting applications of satellite navigation in emerging fields, according to the exhibition organizer.

The three-day exhibition starting on May 25 aims to promote in-depth integration of satellite navigation with emerging fields, such as the 5G, artificial intelligence, big data and geographic information, the organizer said.

It is also expected to boost the integration of satellite navigation with digitalization and the application of information technology.

The exhibition is a part of the 13th China Satellite Navigation Conference in 2022.

Since 2010, the annual China Satellite Navigation Conference is held to promote the most recent technological and industrial application achievements of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) and development trends of global navigation satellite systems.

Leading experts and enterprise executives will also be invited to join the upcoming conference and exhibition to share the latest tech achievements, industrial trends and related policies in the field of global navigation satellite systems, said the organizer.

China officially commissioned BDS on July 31, 2020, opening the new BDS-3 system to global users.

Measured by the global continuous monitoring and evaluation system, the BDS-3 system shows an advanced performance index in providing global positioning, navigation and timing services, with more outstanding performance in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the China Satellite Navigation Office.

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