Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is pictured on Dec 2, 2018. [Photo/IC]

HONG KONG — The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) on Tuesday said it will build on three major connectivity development plans and become the go-to international market for capturing China-related flows and opportunities.

“Our vision is to build the marketplace of the future. We will do this by strengthening Hong Kong as an international financial center, facilitating the vital two-way capital flows between East and West, delivering vibrant, diversified markets, supporting the creation of great companies, and putting our clients first,” said Chief Executive Officer of HKEX Nicolas Aguzin during the HKEX’s 2022 Corporate Day.

HKEX said in an online statement that it will deliver on its vision by building on three strategic pillars: connecting China and the world, connecting the capital with opportunities and connecting today with tomorrow.

Building on its unique China strength, HKEX will continue to both bring the China growth story to international investors and help Chinese capital access global opportunities. HKEX’s goal is to be the go-to international market for capturing China-related flows and opportunities.

To reach the goal, HKEX said it will expand and enhance its connect programs, become China’s go-to offshore risk management center, solidify its role as China’s preferred offshore fundraising center, and grow its portfolio of China-related product offerings.

“We have a long track record of successfully capturing growth opportunities, expanding the breadth and diversity of our offering, driving international market participation, and building upon our exclusive connectivity with China,” Aguzin said during the virtual event.

“I have every confidence that our strong and committed HKEX leadership team will, over the next few years, continue to build and shape our business, ensuring that Hong Kong continues to thrive as a world-class financial center and that our communities continue to prosper,” he noted.

Hong Kong maintained third place globally in the latest Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI) published by British think tank Z/Yen Group and China Development Institute in Shenzhen on March 24.

The report reaffirms Hong Kong’s status and strengths as a leading global financial center. Hong Kong has remained among the top in various areas of competitiveness, including business environment, human capital and infrastructure.

Aguzin said the steady ranking demonstrates the resilience and sustainability of the Hong Kong market in overcoming challenges, and with its unique role in connecting China and the world, Hong Kong can maintain a stable balance in times of heightened geopolitical tensions.

He also said Hong Kong’s capital markets had been affected by short-term headwinds, but HKEX’s business and market fundamentals remained as strong as ever.

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