By following a people-centered approach, China’s high-profile central environmental inspection campaign has resolved roughly 285,000 environmental violations that have taken place since 2016, according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

This means that the majority of violations reported by the public since the launch of the campaign have been settled, Vice-Minister Zhai Qing told a news conference organized by the State Council Information Office on Wednesday.

“Problems reported by the public report have always been a priority for the inspection,” he said, adding the ministry has established a working mechanism to ensure the proper resolution of problems.

Working under ministerial-level officials, inspection teams report to a central group headed by Vice-Premier Han Zheng and its office is based in the ministry.

Zhai said that inspection teams routinely publicized their contact information to encourage the public to submit reports on potential violations upon arrival in provincial regions, or at State-owned enterprises or government bodies to carry out inspections.

The reports are all handled in accordance with their degree of urgency and complexity, he said. If immediate resolution is not possible, specific plans and deadlines are set.

Local authorities are required to publish details of the problems and their resolution in local media outlets and accept public oversight of their work, he added. Inspectors will randomly call on whistleblowers or revisit areas where violations have occurred to ensure the prompt resolution of violations.

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