The Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the All-China Women’s Federation have jointly launched a special operation to provide judicial assistance to women in need while prosecutors are handling their cases. 

The operation runs until the end of this year.

Procuratorial organs will work with the ACWF to increase assistance to five main categories of women during the period, including rural women at risk of falling back into poverty, and women suffering from domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and other crimes.

The main target are those whose main domestic provider is either dead or unable to work as a result of illegal acts, and who are responsible for raising juvenile children or supporting elderly family members.

Also targeted are women with serious illnesses or disabilities, and elderly women without support, or whose source of support is unable to help. 

Procuratorial organs handling the cases may also cooperate with local women’s federations to assist those facing difficulties due to civil infringement cases, such as sexual discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment in the workplace or suing for divorce as a result of domestic violence. 

The SPP urged prosecutors to strengthen awareness of the importance of relief, to be diligent at noticing warning signs and to act promptly, both to help women in need and their underage children. 

The legitimate rights of recipients of assistance, such as the right to reputation and privacy, should be protected while avoiding creating any secondary harm, the SPP said.

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