The central government is removing unreasonable fines from some regulations to further improve the business environment, an official with the Ministry of Justice said on Friday.

Zhao Changhua, director of the ministry’s political department, told a news conference held by the State Council Information Office that fines must be set in accordance with legal procedures.

“It is not allowed to add or remove violations of administrative order, or adjust the upper and lower limits of fines beyond the statutory range,” he said. All fines that are not conducive to the business environment, unfairly or improperly imposed, shall be canceled or adjusted, he said.

Fines that can be handled with other methods including regulation or management, should be canceled, he said. Giving an example, he said that earlier drivers were required to carry a transport certificate with the vehicle (to prove their business was legal). Anyone who didn’t do so was fined. Now, related departments can inquire about the certificate information online. Not carrying the paper won’t invite a fine, he said.

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